Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

Bank of Atmaurium Primaria Argentaria Regnum for Kingdom of Atmaurium, Maurusia Dynastia.

* Universal popoarelor indigene founded by American Maurusium Aboriginal and Indigenous people.
* Interest free banking facilities. 
* One of the world’s oldest existing financial centers.

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Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium - History, Culture and Currency


Long before the great dynasties of Babylon, even before the development of Africa, there was Atmaurium.


This is based on our historical and unwavering traditions, wherein as a Moor, we always strive to "Be More".


The "Thaleri" Φ, in circulation since 2005, was adopted as the official currency of Atmaurium in 2011.

Experience the Power of Atmaurium’s Gold Backed Currency

The Central Bank for The Kingdom of Atmaurium is an independent, non-political financial agency that like other Central Banks, has the primary objective of promoting monetary stability and sound economic growth of it’s Talismanic Kingdom.



Philanthropic and Project Funding

Noble Drew Ali Grants Program

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