Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

Talismanic Culture

Relatively speaking, we are a small principality, with a  geographical size of some 3 square kilometers (1.2 square miles), and our Capital City is Luba. We have a terrain that is calcerous and indented with a rocky coastline, where we experience a Mediterranean climate of mild wet winters and hot dry summers, enabling us to enjoy a cultural philosophy entrenched with five Universal Principles, namely Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. 

Our official dialect and language is Atmaurino (ancient Latin), but our population includes those of us who speak English, Italian, Spanish and German. Per our official 2010 census, we had a population of some 25,000 Atmaurini people, with an annual population growth rate of some 0.258%, with our ethnic groups comprising some Mauri 47%, Italian 16%, German 16%, and other, some 21%.

When it comes to religious beliefs, 90% of us follow Talismanism, with other religious beliefs comprising 10%. Education is compulsory from ages 6-18 and we have a school attendance rate of some 99%, enjoying a 99% literacy rate.

When it comes to our health, the following statistics can be applied:

  • Infant mortality 2 deaths/1,000 live births.
  • Life expectancy: Male 88.5 yrs, Female 92.03 yrs.
  • Birth rate: 10.1 births/1,000. population.
  • Death rate:-11.96 deaths/1,000 population.

Our economic statistics are as follows:

  • GDP: 7.492 Billion Thaleri (2019). Avg.
  • Annual growth rate: 4.31% GDP per capita (2018 est), 50,956 Thaleri.
  • Work force – Private Sector: – 38,000, Public Sector: – 2,690, Banking: – 2300, Hotels: – 2,700, Retail: – 330, Construction and Public Works: – 3,588, Industry: –  Agricultural products: 12.28% of GDP.
  • Industry Types: construction, chemicals, food products, plastics, tourism, precision instruments, cosmetics, ceramics.
  • Trade: Imports: 13 Million Thaleri.
  • Exports: 10 Million Thaleri.

Our Government is a Constitutional Monarchy, ratified on January 1st, 2000, with the following Ministerial departments:

  • Chief of State.
  • Royal Latin Divan (Head of Government).
  • Imperial Assembly, (cabinet under authority of the monarch).
  • Legislative – consisting of three Councils, Judicial, Royal Matriarch and Noble Masters Court of Justice.
  • Sub-divided into the Court of Appeal, the High Court of Appeal, the Criminal Court, and the Supreme Court.
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