Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium


Denominations of Atmaurium’s Thaleri 

Our currency is legal tender that is recognised by the US Congress, US Customs and Borders Protection and protected from unlawful reproduction by International Copyright Laws.

20 Thaleri 
Gold Backed Thaleri Centum 20 Φ

100 Thaleri 
Gold Backed Thaleri Centum 100 Φ

1000 Thaleri 
Gold Backed Mille Thaleri Centum 1000 Φ

5000 Thaleri
Gold Backed Thaleri Centum 5000 Φ

Currency for the Kingdom of Atmaurium Royal Maurusia Imperium Assembly

The Kingdom of Atmaurium is a Sovereign Independent State linked by International Trade Relations with several Indigenous Nations by Treaty. Albeit it is one of the smallest nations, our Central Bank, like all Central Banks, has the mission of delivering financial stability for the people of their nation, which in our instance are the people of the Kingdom of Atmaurium.

One of the core principles upon which we rely to do this is Economics, which simply stated is – the science of the manufacture, distribution and consumption of commodities.

(Commodities from the Moorish-Latin Commoditas, Fitness, Adaptation and the Franca Commodite, comfort, convenience).

Therefore, economics is that which affords ease, profit, or advantage, or anything that is useful, particularly in commerce, including everything movable that is bought and sold. Examples include merchandise, wares, goods, articles, stock, stock in trade, produce, supplies, cargo, etc.

Consequently, economics is the Science of the Manufacture, Distribution and Consumption of Commodities, so that when the people of a nation look to/or place their faith in their own economy in whatever form, then it naturally follows that they will undoubtedly want to establish their own trades and industries, utilizing their own resources for manufacturing goods or products.

Therefore, the key to your and indeed Our Nations’ financial salvation is Spero (meaning Trust) of, to and for each other. This is nothing new, as it is the basis for example Sovereign, National, or Family Trust.

We confirm that The Kingdom of Atmaurium relies on the following documents:
• The Sovereign Trust for the Moorish Nation under the Title of the Great Geodetic Survey and Family Chronicle of the Moorish Empire and it’s Blood-right Heirs – Book of Blood and Deeds
• Absolute Land Conveyance
• Holy Appanage and Muniment of Title

All the above are housed in:
• The Royal Archives of the Moorish Society of Atmaurium
• The United States Department of State Library at BP232 U73
• Homeland Security
• Customs and Border Protection at COP 06 00039
• The Library of Congress Humanities and Social Sciences Division of Genealogy Records
• The Royal Archives of Medina Sidonia Family Cadiz Spain.

The Royal Title and Holy Appanage is protected by General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIP).

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