Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

Investment Opportunities

We are pleased to announce the availability of Thaleri Φ, the official gold-backed currency of the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium.

We will commence by confirming that the currency of the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium is the Thaleri Φ.

Firstly, it is backed by our faith in the Koran and our Holy and Consecrated Talisman upon which we live.

Secondly, like all other world currencies, it is backed by the faith of our Elementi, meaning the citizens of Atmaurium.

Thirdly, and of great importance, is that unlike most other world currencies, it is also backed by minerals and ores, so that 1 (One) Thaleri Φ = 1 (One) Ounce of gold, and like all other Central Banks, our primary objective is to promote monetary stability and sound economic growth.

We would also highlight, that in the United States, the current “grey” market demand for Atmaurium’s foreign manufactured goods, is creating a greater demand for the Thaleri Φ. Consequently, there has been a significant growth, in the general acceptability of Atmaurium’s money, wherein current exchange rates are determined by the “float”, meaning that speculation/conversion rates are determined by the conditions of supply and demand for imports and exports.

In the foreseeable future, in terms of a stabilized economy, the Thaleri of the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium will be one of the leading currencies, as demand continues to increase within the Foreign Exchange Market. Therefore, it would be deemed most prudent to take financial advantage of this opportunity now.

This is an extremely important factor to take note of, for Governments and Central Banks working with their Governments, of both well established and developing countries, who are truly seeking to augment their nations prosperity. It is therefore incumbent upon them to expand their international trade and financial relationship with developing countries like Atmaurium.

The aforementioned statement is also applicable, to all prospective Buyers and Sellers within the Foreign Exchange Markets, other Central Banks, Foreign Exchange Correspondents, Merchants, Financial Institutions, Emerging Market Traders, Exotic Currency traders, Individual traders, Hedge Funders, etc.

May the wealth of all Nations flourish.

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