Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

Assets of our Talismanic Kingdom

A sample of the types of assets we hold are as listed below. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these, or other assets that we control.

The Kingdom of Atmaurium is an ancient Moorish one, and is a Kingdom steeped in riches, due to the nature of our ancient historical assets. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Land Title Documents
  • Sovereign Trust Record of Ancient Moorish-Americans
  • The Consecrated Talisman Salmagundi Pi Expositus (2010)
  • Original Certified Moneta currency, which is the Thaleri, with the currency symbol Φ. Our currency is currently traded as legal and lawful tender and we have 5000 crates in our possession, of various denominations. Switzerland, Germany and Japan are currently the leading foreign exchange nations of the Thaler. (Modernised name for our Thaleri currency).
  • 99.98 % pure Silver and Gold Coins. These are self-explanatory and we offer these at a discounted rate, dependent upon the volume of transactions.
  • Certified Bearer Bonds and Universal Banknotes. Our Bearer Bonds are certified, with coupons attached that are used to redeem the interest payments. This type of asset has seen a severe decline, due to their suitability for money laundering. However, due to the stringent controls that are in place, we at the Central Bank of Atmaurium ensure that our bonds are AML compliant.

Banking Instruments

Universal Certified Cashier’s Checks. These are credited to the account of a beneficiary, via placement on the receiving banks ledger.

Bank of Atmaurium Royal Nine Credit Cards. Our credit cards have been encrypted with several state-of-the art security measures, making them one of your “must haves”. The limit available is dependent upon a credit check of the applicant.

Certified Secure Direct Payment by Electronic Mail Transfer. These payments are AML compliant, with the amount payable, dependent upon the applicant.

Universal Postal Union. With 192 member countries, this serves as an additional service to ensure that our banking facilities reach as many global nations as possible.

Money Orders. These offer a safe alternative to cash or check settlements.

Bank Guarantees. We offer these as a form of back-up, by guaranteeing to settle a financial obligation, if the transacting party fails to do so. Prior to issuing the same, we take all necessary steps to minimize such an eventuality. We commonly use these for real estate or infrastructure settlements.

Letters of Credit. Albeit these are analogous to our Bank Guarantees, our Letters of Credit are more useful for international transactions, where we issue phased settlements based on, for example a receipt for a bill of lading.

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