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Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

About the Thaleri

History of the Thaleri and how it works

The Kingdom of Atmaurium is a renowned ancient civilization with strong ties to the Royal Ancient Egypt. Within this majestic kingdom, the currency became known as the Thaleri. Historically and culturally, it served not only as a medium of exchange, but also symbolized the prosperity and influence of the Kingdom. Furthermore, Atmaurium’s connection to the Moorish Empire was deeply rooted in the bloodline of its’ rulers.

Historians will be aware of the fact that the Moorish Empire played a crucial role in shaping the political and cultural landscape of Atmaurium, which forged a bond that resonated through shared heritage and ancestral ties. The legacy of this connection between the Kingdom of Atmaurium, Ancient Egypt, and the Moorish Empire is a testament to the rich tapestry of history and the interwoven nature of subsequent civilizations that still exist today.

Current usage of the Thaleri

Given the esteemed history of the Thaleri, to obtain this valuable currency, (currently called Thaler by traders in Germany and Switzerland), you must contact us via our website, or by email and we will send you a completion form to secure the Thaleri. Following our due diligence and AML compliance checks, successful parties will be sent an order form for the Thaleri. The volume exchange of the Thaleri, will be dependent upon the currency you will use to procure the same, but as a  guide, we can confirm that 1 (one) Thaleri is equivalent to 1 (one) troy ounce of gold.

Conversely, the Thaleri can also be exchanged, when we issue a Bankers’ Draft or a Cashier’s Check/Cheque to be cashed via the Federal Reserve Bank or the US Treasury Department in $USD.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us via the methods described in our website.

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