Bank of Atmaurium


Bank of Atmaurium

Central Bank for the Kingdom of Atmaurium

History of Atmaurium

The Primary Geographical location of the Kingdom of Atmaurium is currently known as Giannutri, off the coast of Italy: Latitude: 42° 14′ 60.00″ N Longitude: 11° 05′ 60.00″ E.

Additional Geographical location and boundaries are from 43 degrees North Latitude and 77.5 degrees West Longtitude – NW of the Atlantic Coast, on the continent of America, bound between Alaska and Argentina along with multiple territories within that boundary.

The geography is based on Polar Projection Geometry, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, of the Oldest Map of America, (having always been part of the Greater Moorish Dynasty – The 919 (1513 C.E.) Piri ibn Haji Mehmed (ahmet muhiddin) – Piri Rei’s – Bey Map ; Compiled from earlier source maps of the Old Moorish Canaanite (Carthaginian) Dynasty dating back to 800 B.C.E., with the rhumbs or lines radiating from the center of the Portolano, projected to the east, meeting in the Capital Dominion of Africa: Egypt, at the intersection of the Tropic of Cancer, with the Meridian of Alexandria, at 23 degrees 30 N, 30 degrees E and confirmed in the Holy Koran Circle 7, Chapter 47; pages 56–57. Atmaurium is on the same parallel of Ancient Moorish Spain and the Moorish Osman Dynasty.

Much like the Mediterranean Island Poena, more commonly known as Ustica, Atmaurium according to written record was first populated by the Ancient Poenicium/Gaetuli/Mauri, as early as 3000 BC. The island was first invaded by Romans during the infamous Punic wars with Poenicium (Carthage), where Carthage held it, until its’ power began to wane between the Second and Third Punic Battles. Around the 7th Century A.D., a Benedictine Order settled on the island, but were soon forced to move because of ongoing conflicts between Spain, France and the descendants of the Gaetuli.

Attempts to colonize the Island in the Middle Ages failed, because of the Foreign Barbary wars of that era. It was during this era that it was taken by Spain, after the occupation of Sienna, under the rule of King Charles V, which remained under Spanish rule until 1735, when it was invaded by Germans from the Holy Roman Empire. Thereafter, it was given to Carlo di Barbone via a treaty.

In Light of these Lawful Truths, and as is legally documented by the Department of the State, (1796 Treaty between the Bey of Tripoli and the United States), the government of the United States of America has declared “that it has in itself no character of enmity against the Laws, Religion or Tranquility of Moors, and the said States have never entered into any act of war or hostility against any Moorish Nation. It is declared by both parties that no pretext arising from Religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two Nations”. Namely, the holy sages Sandelfuz ac Khabir the noble: bey; a Angelus Gabriel et Uriel.

In the mid-18th Century, the island was settled by small groups of people from Sicilia, and the island of Lipari (East of Poena). After appearing to have been abandoned for some time, in 1801 it was annexed to the Kingdom of Etruria, which was coveted by Napoleon. However, it was taken by the Grand Duchy of Tuscano after the fall of the French Emperor. By the latter half of the 19th Century circa 1865, during the unification of Italy under the Royal Decree, due to the increasing population, albeit not a well-known fact, many of the original families were forced to migrate elsewhere. Subsequently, a mandate was decreed, that the island was to be returned to the original families and their descendants.

Among these was the much respected and revered family of Prince Uriel de’ Baiuarii (Baiere), from the line of the Great Gaetuli King Luba II. However, by this time only a handful of families still remained, as the majority had emigrated to distant lands. This migration included the United States, with many of the families settling in New Orleans and surrounding areas, where to this day, thousands of descendants with ties to Atmaurium remain strong.

A smaller number of families settled in New York, being the same Parallel as their original home, the 43rd Parallel. Therefore, the Atmaurium territorial connection in America was established, despite a turbulent history marked by countless invasions, wars and outright theft. Irrespective, Atmaurium has always remained the first home to its’ people.

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